Friday, December 22, 2006

Arche megiste ton bionta grammata

A nice little "HS" lockup from Alfred Finsterer's 1952 Hoffmanns Schriftatlas.
The Greek at the top is from the book's title page and means something like "Writing is the beginning of life". Shitty translation courtesy of my pop- this is what a Jesuit high school education gets you...

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Just got my copy of AKA's new book on DESA, one of the most "infamous" vandals in NYC's recent history. Achieving the most extreme sentence ever handed to a vandal. And he's got a damn good hand too if you ask me.

Its another fine example of what you have come to expect from the crew at AKA. Nicely designed, Incredible photography, including some great action shots, top notch production with their calling card metallics, and varnishes, and this time around some newsprint sections to break the rythm of all the gloss. Fresh off the presses just in time for the lil vandal on your list for Christmas.